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Engineering Studies in AP

Preparation for Writing Entrance Examination
A Student after Completing his 10th class Examination (Secondary School of Certificate-SSC) Joins a College.College consists of 2 years (popularly Known as Intermediate),there are separate colleges for Intermediate.The Most Popular colleges are Sri Chaitanya,narayana,etc.,These colleges give intense training courses to students.The student has to Decide, what course is he going to opt for. Here Course can be like
  • IIT + Intermediate
  • AIEEE + Intermediate
  • Eamcet + Intermediate
IIT-Indian Institute of Technology

IIT is the Most toughest Competetive Examination Held in India and also all over the World with a success rate of around 1 in 45. An Extraordinary student or a student who thinks he can do IIT only takes the course and study for 2years in the college with the regular Intermediate going on.Only 2 attempts are allowed in this Competetive Examination. Many students fail to get through examination in first attempt,so most of them take the second attemp and succeed in Examination.

AIEEE- All India Engineering Entrance Examination

The Next Most Competetive Examination is AIEEE. A Student, who is above average in studies takes this course and studies for 2years. The number of attempts to pass this Examination is 3times.

EAMCET-Engineering Agriculture and Medicine Common Entrance Test

Eamcet is the Most Common Entrance Examination in Andhra Pradesh for doing Bachelor of Engineering(B.E) or Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech).It is Conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru college of Engineering and Technology University.There are around 600 JNTU affiliated colleges in AP. There is a Lot of Competetion in this Entrance Examination. Every Year 2.5 to 3 lakh students write this Examination and around 2 to 2.5 lakh students qualify respectively. Even a Student who has not taken any course like Eamcet + Intermediate can also qualify,but he must work hard to qualify and get a Good rank.

After Qualifying in the Entrance Examination - Most Important step Which can change Your LIFE is -Selecting the Branch

Students study a lot in the intermediate to get a Good Rank in the Entrance Examination And Join a Good College.After Getting a Good Rank in the Entrance Examination, now students can select a college and branch based on their Rank.

Selection of branch is the most important one in students LIFE. The students usually after getting a Good rank, ask the senior students, who have already joined in the Engineering as Which is the Good branch if i take...

Dialogue's/Opinions of senior students and Parents

This the place, where most of the students are carried away by the thoughts of the senior students.... The students get a response as "If u take ECE the Future will be evergreen","If u take the CSE/IT ,u may not get jobs due to recession","Take the Mechanical Engineering it is the best course and its also evergreen".

In some cases Parents Decide the branch and make their children join that course without asking the student " What subject or branch do u like to study?","Do you want to do engineering or not",etc.,

Student says i want to become a Pilot,Now the Parents say "as though you will get a good salary JOB if u do a Pilot course", they under estimate their own child which happens most of the time. Parents say " No you have to take ECE course, Its evergreen and you will get a Good salary JOB also"

Most of the Students dont think much, they are behind their friends "My friend is joining this college and this course,so i will also join this Course",some are carried away by the thoughts of senior students / Parents and they join B.E/B.Tech in some or other College.

  • A Student Must be clear of joining the course and the subject he likes to Study further in B.Tech- then he can make Wonders in the subject what he has chosen by himself
  • Listen everyone's and do What You LIKE....If its correct...

Courses Available in JNTU-University/Engineering Colleges

Once a student has got a good rank in EAMCET,the next most important thing is "selecting the branch / course he want to study".This is the point to take a right decision,which is going to change the students life forever.There are different branches in Engineering like
  • Electronic's and communication engineering[ECE],
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering[EEE],
  • Mechanial Engineering[MECH],
  • Civil Engineering[CIVIL],
  • Computer Science and Engineering[CSE],
  • Information Technology[CSIT],
  • Aeronautical Engineering,etc.,

Joining in the Engineering college

Student's from different cities and state join college to pursue their B.E/B.Tech degree. Some student join the colleges and stay in the college Hostels. Because they are from Different city/town/village. Students Who Live in the College Hostels or accomodate a room outside the college and stay with the friends or known persons are known as Non-Locals.

In JNTU engineering college the B.E/B.Tech course is of 4years. In the 4years the First year is full academic year, and the second, third, forth years are divided into 2 semester each

In First year,Most of the students stay away from the canteens and play grounds in the college,because most of them fear of ragging. But many couldnt escape ragging,because the senior students come into the classes of junior students in a recess time and start ragging the junios. Mostly the seniors students collect the name and rollno of the junior students and ragg them, ragging can be like sing a song,tell love table( love * love=love), dance,do a pole dance,write the records. The ragging is done just to have fun with junior students. Some junior students enjoy the ragging and some get tensed and behave abnormally. Then the junior students will be given a freshers party by the Senior Students. In the party the seniors do the most craziest things with juniors like " Propose a girl" , " show a Pole dance", " Ask the students the craziest question and tell them to reply",etc., After this Freshers party the students will not be ragged by the seniors. Now the students concentrate in the studies and complete the first year.

The Second year is divided into two parts as Semester.From now every year will have two semesters.In the Second Year, the junior students have become the Seniors and they will be anxiously waiting for the juniors to come and ragg them. Seniors would always be found in the canteen or sports room. Untill the juniors come into college,the seniors will be thinking of creative things to ragg the juniors. After the Juniors join the college, seniors now select the juniors and ragg them. Then the seniors give the freshers Party and ragg them in the party. Later they stop everything and continue their studies.

Important Note: Now Ragging is Prohibited All over INDIA, So dont Give Importance to Ragging

In the third year the students are busy in studying and looking forward to further studies or doing a JOB after the college. They take Many courses like
  • CAT( Common Admission test),
  • GATE ( Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering),
  • GRE( Graduate Record Examination
The students Study vigorously to get a Good Rank in the Examination, Which they have opted for.
Some students take the training for CAT right from the 2nd year of B.E/B.Tech,Which is a gateway to join Indian Institute of Management-IIM to pursue MBA degree.
GATE is the Entrance Examination for doint Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Indian Institute of Technology-IIT.

GRE is the Entrance Examination for doing Master of Science(M.Sc) in Abroad, Mostly USA countries.

After 3rd year, the students are given a mini project.The Student work Hard to do the Miniproject,give the presentation of the project in the seminar hall and submit to the college.

Some student after doing the 3rd year when they enter into 4th year 1st semester,apply for jobs to various companies.

In the 4th year 2nd Semester, the student has to do a project. The students must select a new project and practically implement the project. In this final Semester student starts looking out for JOB opportunities or he will be ready to take up higher Education.

After the B.E/B.Tech,every student goes out to take the journey of LIFE